Swami Kriyananda founded multiple spiritual communities worldwide because his guru, Parmahanasa Yogananda said to do so! In a nutshell for the householder (you and I who live in the world and work conventional jobs) this is the path to Self realization. Let your gurubhais help rub off, indeed chisel off, all the rough surfaces of our egoic lives so that the Divine soul qualities will shine through! If you are deeply drawn to this path of Yogananda’s it is worth meditating on this aspect. It was a foundational component of his teaching. yet we also have to be accepting of where we are at. As we focus on the positives of what spiritual community offers us: the support for the highest within us and the joy that attends that. As well as the practicality of sharing resources with other like-minded souls and the science based evidence of community living supporting our overall well-being. Perhaps that will help us get over the fears we have of letting go of those things we think bring us comfort and safety when in fact, they tend to isolate and slowly degrade our quality of life,It’s a leap of faith for us all, but in the months to come we must all take it deep within and offer it in meditation. What is the direction you would have me go Lord? What is best for me?
It is from that place within each of us individually that the path will become clearer for Ananda Texas.

Here is a wonderful talk that Swami Kriyananda gave on what is intentional spiritual community. Only 10 minutes long. Let’s listen to it as part of our further exploration,

Together in the Light.