One of the things we love about India is some of its beautiful traditions such as the younger folks calling the respected elders, whether they are immediate family or not, and even if you don’t know them very well, “Auntie” and “Uncle”! That is just an endearing reminder for us to look at each other as family, the family of humans. As well, the Indians name their children names of God as a reminder to think of God more often and speak a sacred name of God. And yet another great custom is that Indians will call the ladies, whether they are your real mother or not, “Ma”, a term to remember that the Divine Mother aspect of God lives in all people! When we gave a sandwich to a person on the street on our way to the Soupmobile this week, this person reminded us of these beautiful things about India by saying, “Thank you, Ma.” So… “Thank you, Ma”, to all of you sharing your Divine Mother aspects of compassion, love, and generosity with this week’s groceries and goodies. (Those cheese sandwiches, really sounded great, Jo!)

Thank you this week’s team members, Elvia and Enrique; Vidya, Shreya, Lambo, Madhuri and all their helpers; Ashwini; Raga, Adyia, and Laksmi; Jo Smith; Anna Gosling; Hema; Milena, Paula, Sylvia, and Kelly; Molly and Don Miller; the Smithhislers; the Vargases; and Rita and Rosie!! Everything was appreciated and readily received by the Soupmobile!

This week, if you would like a pickup, and would like to wish David Timothy, who runs the Soupmobile, a happy birthday, please include a card in your offerings. He once again has said he is 39! This list of things needed is below, and please let us know by Friday if you would like a pickup via text or email.

Below is the complete list of needed items:

  • Individual portions of snacks like chips and/or individual portions of healthful cookies and desserts
  • Fruits like oranges, bananas
  • Water Bottles
  • Peanut butter/almond butter sandwiches (with or without jelly, jam ,honey)
  • Vegetarian Sandwiches, ie, with veggie patties, cheese sandwiches or the likes…
  • Pantry items, (please no meat), and some examples/suggestions are as follows:
    • Nondairy milk in boxes
    • dry and canned beans
    • soups/soup mixes
    • condiments
    • jelly/jam
    • whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats – please no white rice since many people have diabetes and sugar issues
    • protein powder
    • sauces
    • salsa
    • canned tomatoes
    • pizza crusts
    • nuts & seeds
    • packaged meals that don’t have to be refrigerated
    • taco shells
    • spices
    • healthful cooking oil
    • bars
    • pickles
    • cereals
    • anything non-perishable that you yourself would eat
  • Masks

Look forward to seeing you on Monday, August 24!

With love and blessings, Eric and Shakti

214-235-8324 and 214-394-0583