Everyone loves the line from “Forrest Gump” that goes to this effect: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.” Life brings unexpected opportunities and gifts!

This week, we had a team member who took the initiative to answer Andre’s (pictured above) request for help for Gloria (also pictured above) to get her car repaired. The team member asked if we might be able to help, so we joined him to help the two of them stay in a motel for 8 days and to help get that car back on the road. A couple of you pitched in and got phones for them, and several of you were able to give groceries, or donate towards the cause. Thanks to all of you, these souls are getting a boost to get back on their feet and continue life with their basic needs met. Everyone needs a boost in life, in some form or the other! Enrique and Elvia have started a GO FUND ME for Gloria and Andre so if you would like to contribute to that, here is the link for the Go Fund Me page

This donation will help hopefully help the two of them get off the streets and into a better living situation! (Andre is willing to work, and has experience in construction work if you know of anyone who might need help)

Thank you all for participating this week in the grocery pickup as well, putting so much love and attention into the gifts. One member told me that she had put hearts and infinity signs (unknown to the eater) in their peanut butter sandwiches. Those will certainly taste the sweeter and fill the hunger in unknown ways.

As a few members are wanting to remain anonymous in their giving, which I totally understand and appreciate, I will no longer put individual’s names in these emails, and will simply send personal thanks to each and every one of you who participate! Please keep those pictures coming, though, as signs of happy inspiration to all!

Please find below the things needed for the Soupmobile pickup for this week, on Monday 7, Labor Day! (Yes, we will still be coming by for pickups)

  • Individual portions of snacks like chips and/or individual portions of healthful cookies and desserts
  • Fruits like oranges, bananas
  • Water Bottles
  • Peanut butter/almond butter sandwiches (with or without jelly, jam ,honey)
  • Vegetarian Sandwiches, ie, with veggie patties, cheese sandwiches or the likes…
  • Pantry items, (please no meat), and some examples/suggestions are as follows:
    • Nondairy milk in boxes
    • dry and canned beans
    • soups/soup mixes
    • condiments
    • jelly/jam
    • whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats – please no white rice since many people have diabetes and sugar issues
    • protein powder
    • sauces
    • salsa
    • canned tomatoes
    • pizza crusts
    • nuts & seeds
    • packaged meals that don’t have to be refrigerated
    • taco shells
    • spices
    • healthful cooking oil
    • bars
    • pickles
    • cereals
    • anything non-perishable that you yourself would eat
  • Masks

Look forward to seeing you on Monday, September 7!

With love and blessings, Eric and Shakti

214-235-8324 and 214-394-0583