Thank you for last week’s donations! They were received and appreciated as always! Maitri, one of our team members, thought of a Christmas Project we could support, so starting this week, we will be picking up for TOYS FOR TOTS, as well as the items needed for Austin Street Center. You can go to Toys for Tots website, and see more about what they do.

Marine Toys for Tots

Maitri will store the collected toys at her home (thank you!), and then deliver them once they are all collected to the Toys for Tots collection sight. They only take NEW, no used or gently used toys, and NO WRAPPED toys, for ages up to 12 years. They do like board games. If any of you moms know what are the raging toys right now, please send your ideas. Besides our picking them up from your house on our pickup days for Austin Street, you can have them sent to Maitri’s address at 2201 Victoria Lane, Richardson, TX 75082. If you are nearby, you can drop them by her house as well. Of course, we started the pickup service to make it easier for folks, so we are happy to pick up anything up where you are!

We will continue to collect each week until December 7, so that Maitri can deliver them to the appropriate place by December 11. They can then be sorted and ready for needy kids by Christmas. With all this extra time at home, these young souls really need something to occupy their minds for sure. It will be great that these kids will surely receive some Christmas gifts that they might not otherwise receive. We can all remember those magical Christmas mornings opening packages!

We are continuing to service the Austin Street Shelter which needs the items listed below. If you would like us to pick up the Monday, November 9, please let us know before Saturday, so we can schedule you. If you don’t hear from us via text by Sunday, you will know something got mixed up. Please give us a call if we have not confirmed by Sunday what time we will be there. Thanks so much for all your efforts in helping others during this extraordinary time!

ITEMS needed for Austin Street Shelter:

Frozen Breakfast foods only like waffles, pancakes (frozen), frozen breakfast sandwiches (please no meat as this is a vegetarian service) ONLY frozen, as they do have a place to store these. I did mention Beyond Vegetarian Sausage and she was ok with that.

INDIVIDUAL cereal boxes (not large boxes) and no milk, as they have plenty. (can be found on Amazon)

INDIVIDUAL water bottles

INDIVIDUAL juice boxes

No granola bars are needed as they have too many at this point, and actually nothing else is needed but the things above.

With love and blessings,

Shakti and Eric Biskamp