We are all here to hold the light for each other in whatever way we can!  Someone said that every day is a new incarnation.  That resonates.  January 18 has been designated as National Service Day, along with Martin Luther King’s birthday this year.  This is apt that both would be on the same day, as Dr. King was totally dedicated to serving God and mankind.  We are feeling this is an auspicious day to regroup and begin the pickup service that was started last year to help people continue to give throughout the year to those in need.

We will be doing a bimonthly (twice a month).  If you have something you need delivered to another charitable organization other than Austin Street on the day we are doing pickups, we would gladly help you out and do this for you, as we are hoping to make it easy on folks to continue to nest at home. (A beautiful inspirational video to watch to start off the New Year is called “Antidote”)  This documentary shares how people within their own communities found ways to go beyond set structures to help people in different, meaningful ways beyond what was “normal”.  Happy watching!

Austin Street shelter has a new list of things they would greatly appreciate to help the expanded number of people they serve, a houseless group of people that is now at 400 in number, ever growing.  After speaking with the donations director, she mentioned that there were some things that were the MOST needed items this month.  They are as follows:

Please let us know by Saturday if you would like us to pick up from you.  We will send you a text by Sunday night letting you know about what time we will pick up.  If you have not heard from us by Sunday night, please call us, as our wires may have gotten crossed.  Thank you for all you are and do, spreading love and light wherever you go. (We will also be dropping off to the Food Bank some groceries if you prefer to donate this week to them. They ONLY take NON-perishables)


#1 is LYSOL wipes (she said if you can find these!)

Fabric softener (always a need)

NEW queen sheets


Journals and Pens

Used or new MEN’s BELTs (all sizes)

UNISEX hoodies Medium sized – 3X (lots of 3X and up sizes on Amazon)

The following things are also needed as shown from their website:

Please, no children’s items or household goods. Clothing donations should be clean and in good condition if they are used

  • Sanitizing Wipes (must contain 60% alcohol)
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap (individual container or refill bottle)
  • New, queen size air mattresses
  • Afresh Washing Machine Cleaner
  • Maple syrup
  • Individual baby oil (keeps skin hydrated)
  • Individual Gold Bond Powder
  • Compact mirrors
  • Large and extra-large underwear for men and women
  • 3XL-5XL men’s casual clothing (jeans, t-shirts, belts)
  • Jeans (Men & Women’s new/gently used)
  • Short-sleeved t-shirts (for men and women)
  • Shoes (for men and women), preferably tennis shoes and shower shoes