We saw a beautiful uplifting movie based on a true story called, “Have a Little Faith” about the total transformation two souls who let go of lots of darkness and became light with the guiding influence and kind ways of others. It is a beautiful story of one houseless person who was revived, so to speak, as well as how one person can influence another for good. (Based on a true story)

Change is quite frequently a big challenge as we are seeing of late, so in keeping with the hopes of helping others to the best of our ability, we are picking up groceries (nothing refrigerable and please no meat) as well as needed supplies for the Austin Street Shelter this coming Monday, the first of March. Please let us know via email or text if you would like a pickup. We will notify you by text on Sunday evening about what time we will be there. If we have not confirmed you by Sunday night, please give us ring as something has gone awry. 😊

We have had an interesting request for umbrellas as a priority item.While that may seem unusual, it makes sense, as Libby explained. Those facing houselessness are doing their best with the encouragement and resources of Austin Street to get jobs and need umbrellas to get places safely in rain, or sun. She explained how quite demoralizing it is to get all ready to go and then get drenched. Expecting the rains to come shortly, Libby requested for this month foldable umbrellas as a priority item, so if you have any you don’t need, please collect them for this month, or purchase some as we will be collecting them now and through the month for the next pickup as well. There are many selections on Amazon, with one being at this link: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08QM8Q432/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

(not sure what the quality is as we have not received our, but there are many selections on Amazon)

Used umbrellas are great as well if you have any extras (please make sure they work well-foldable preferred as they are easily carried and put in a back pack) Also, the other things needed and requested are as follow:


Donate items to benefit the men and women served at Austin Street Center!

Sanitizing Wipes (must contain 60% alcohol)
Antibacterial Hand Soap (individual container or refill bottle)
New, queen size air mattresses
New, queen size sheets
Individual lotion
Men’s shower shoes (sizes 12-15)
Reading glasses (all strengths)
Liquid body wash
New, gently used dark bath towels (dark color)
New men’s belts
New, large and extra-large underwear for men and women
3XL-5XL men’s casual clothing (jeans, t-shirts, belts)
Shoes (for men and women), preferably tennis shoes and shower shoes

Also, during these tumultuous times, there are monetary opportunities everywhere if this suits you better, i.e. at the Soupmobile and also Genesis Women’s Shelter, both of which were flooded, the Genesis having to evacuate their folks who stayed there. You can go online for these donations at their webs. There are so many needs these day and opportunities to give. David at the Soupmobile is needing prayer angels as well, so if this suits you better, it is only a 30 minute commitment per week. Here is his link for that: https://www.soupmobile.org/prayer-team/prayer-team-sign-up

Thanks so much for all your help!

Love and blessings,

Eric and Shakti Biskamp

214-235-8324 and 214-394-0583