Thank you, for all that you give of yourselves. A call for even greater prayer, affirmation and claiming the Truth for all has gone out now from many sources. What a great way to serve others, as we all know the effectiveness of these practices, even confirmed my science. One of the team members share an affirmation for the healing of all as follows:

The I AM Presence of (putting in any name of Your Higher Source) is flowing through every cell, nerve, fiber, bone and tissue of (whomever you are praying for, can be any and all) establishing all in Perfect health, function, and well-being. Om, peace, peace, peace.

The power of changing the vibration and frequency with which we see a person has a loving effect! Let’s join together and see things anew.

This Monday’s pickup (May 10) and the next one on May 24 will be for the same items as before, since the Austin Street is in need of the same priority items and there is always need for food for folks. The number of houseless people has grown during this COVID time. A bag of groceries can help a family pay their rent and medical bills, etc.

Any groceries are excepted as long as they are not perishables, ie, canned goods, dried beans, sauces, soups, soup mixes, spices, protein powders, rices (PLEASE NO MEAT), anything you would eat yourself, ie, nuts, seeds, nut butters, healthful snacks, etc, etc, etc. No breads or anything that will spoil quickly, as the food bank services pantries and they may not get their food the day that it is delivered to the food bank. They do not have a pickup or delivery service.

For the Austin Street Street, these items are needed for pickup:

Priority Items:

  • Wallets (many folks just recently got their ID’s and paychecks and have a rough time keeping up with them, as one can imagine. Have had firsthand experience with these folks easily losing their ID’s and having a very difficult time getting them back)
  • The wallets can be new or gently used (mainly men’s but also some women’s needed as well)
  • NEW Jeans for men (sized 30-38) CAN BE NEARLY NEW –( please no holes or stains, buttons lost, etc.)
  • NEW jeans for women (sized 14 and 16)

Other needed items are:

  • Sanitizing Wipes (must contain 60% alcohol)
  • Antibacterial Hand Soap (individual container or refill bottle)
  • New, queen size air mattresses
  • New, queen size sheets
  • Individual lotion
  • Men’s shower shoes (sizes 12-15)
  • Reading glasses (all strengths)
  • New, gently used dark bath towels (dark color)
  • New men’s belts
  • New, large and extra-large underwear for men and women
  • 3XL-5XL men’s casual clothing (jeans, t-shirts, belts)
  • Shoes (for men and women), preferably tennis shoes and shower shoes

Please let us know by Sunday morning if you would like a pickup via text or email. We will let you know via text on Sunday evening what time we will be by to pick up. Thanks so much for giving hearts.. Please pass this along to any of your friends that might want to become part of this helping hands team!