Dear Friends,

The momentum is gathering! We received a generous seed donation toward our next steps for Ananda in Texas and we are actively looking for property to buy. Here are the results of our recent charette:

1A Buy Land Only: 1 point.

1B Buy Ashram/Church/Teaching Center: 13 points.

2A Buy Ashram/Church within Dallas and near suburbs: 11 points.

2B Buy Church/Teaching Center with land or park adjacent within Dallas and near suburbs: 30 points.

3 Lease Storefront teaching center within Dallas and near suburbs example: 8 points.

As you can see the overwhelming results of our recent charette speaks to us purchasing something in town as a teaching center and temple.

We now have actively engaged a dear friend and gurubhai who is also a commercial realtor to help us in our search. Here are some of the properties we are looking at right now: one in Carrollton and another in Richardson across from Cottonwood Park. Such exciting times ahead for Ananda in Texas. Can’t wait until we can hold our next big Open House in our new home!