Thank you, all, for all the great toys, and the two carts full of goods for the Austin Street Shelter for the holidays!   David Timothy told a great story the other day about a lady being on the receiving end of some blankets that were given.  When she received these, she cried, and David told her that Jesus gave them to her.  Beautiful story!  So thank you all for being the instruments for the higher consciousness of goodness and love to work through this past year and this new year! Let’s continue and deepen our efforts in 2022. There is so much need and we all benefit from being channels of love and light!

The most needed items for the Austin Street are as follows:

Individual breakfast items like individually packed cereals, individually wrapped pastries or muffins, ind. Oatmeals packages

Coffee (especially since the weather has gotten colder)

Bread for sandwiches

Mayo for sandwiches

Body washes and soaps

Large – xxx Large underwear for both men and women in these sizes (seem to never get enough of these, especially these larger sizes)

Of course, please use your inspiration, as any nearly new ADULT clothes are happily received, blankets, coats, gloves, things for the cold weather supposedly coming some time this winter. (HA) Also, any WORKING phones with chargers that you no longer need are always appreciated, as these are so difficult to get.

All NON-perishable food items accepted for the North Texas Food Bank, dried goods, canned goods, protein powder, packaged meals, sauces, rice, grains, etc.  Please no meat items.

Will contact you with what time we will be by on Monday, the 17th once we hear from you that you have a pickup!

Love and blessings!

Eric and Shakti (214)235-8324 and (214)394-0583