It was just a couple of weeks ago we were blessed with Asha Nayaswami’s inspiring visit. Since that time, we have been sharing about what that has meant to us through our various in-person gatherings and also online during our Treasures along the Path  gathering. It’s an introspective time of integrating those experiences collectively and individually. One of the things she mentioned repeatedly was one definition of  Ananda that Swami Kriyananda articulated:

           “The purpose of Ananda is to have fun, and what we mean by having fun is to be close to Divine Mother and share her Joy with everyone!”

These days we are holding that definition close to us with all the continual challenges that our world presents us. Toward that end we are commencing with our Fun Fridays! It’s an opportunity to share the light through a variety of community gatherings sponsored by our members. It will involve all the essential elements of fun as aspiring yogis: satsang and upliftment. (Oh and we will throw in a little food too! ) It will be expressed in a variety of forms from kirtan, to movies, cooking, and other creative applications.
Do you need a little fun and upliftment? Come join us for our first Fun Friday this coming week!

Together in Joy!