Paramhansa Yogananda’s famous adage for the aspiring yogi is to be “actively calm, calmly active.” Indeed, one of the salient attributes of meditation is prevailing calmness.

When we allow the breath to guide us deeply within, we touch that essential aspect of who we truly are. The trick is how do we integrate it into our daily lives? The grace is, the practice itself begins to transform our consciousness and we find we are less reactive. As the energy we withdraw inwardly gets magnetize upward through our meditation and yoga practice, we find ourselves in a higher state of consciousness. It is not a passive state, but a state that inspires us to be the best that we can be and grants us an awareness that gives us the moral vigor and insight to meet our challenges.

Yoga is only truly yoga if we can live it beyond our mats and meditation benches, and bring it out into the world. Learn ways you can become more in touch with your essence and your ability to channel it positively into the world through our many offerings now in person!

Together in calmness and in joy,
Ananda Texas