“When the human heart melts at the suffering of others and expands as a result of that sympathy, believe that God is present there.” Sri Satya Sai Baba

Happy Holy Days! Once again, a beautiful season to pay it forward has arrived! Let’s join together to put some smiles on children’s faces! We will be doing a one time pick up for children’s toys (any age, and please unwrapped so that they can be distributed properly, NEW ONLY) for the Soupmobile children. These are the little ones serviced by David Timothy and his elves for those underprivileged in the South Dallas area. They will be distributed later that week.

If you would like to join with us, so that we can take all toys at once, (easier for the Soupmobile) We will let you know approximately what time we will be by on Monday, December 12 to pick up. You can always leave them at your doorstep if you are not available.

Thank you for your generous hearts, and hoping everyone’s holiday is bright with hearts full of gratitude!

Love and blessings,

Eric and Shakti Biskamp