The gratitude continues here at Ananda Dallas with more special offerings to help prepare our hearts for the Holy Season ahead.  Our Ananda Sangha House is hosting more and more in person programs to support you in going deeper in your spiritual life, to help you be re-inspired with other like-minded souls, and to assist you in balancing your daily life with tools that put you back in touch with your essence of peace and true knowing.
The desire to distract, contract, and hold on in quiet desperation to old habits and “the way things used to be”, is a current that runs strong and deep in our culture right now. Introspection and expansive awareness is often in short supply. We have a unique window during the holiday season to break open our hearts in greater faith and call to action to make real change not only in our own lives, and our immediate family, but in the lives of others. We invite you to take one step toward positive change in your life by availing yourself of any one of our special offerings coming up. We never know the miracles that can happen when we add just a little more energy toward our spiritual aspirations, opening to change itself.

Together, with our heart’s flying toward the Divine,

Ananda in Texas