Christmas 2022 is here and it’s time to unwrap the Presence within. If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to dive into the true essence of Christmas beyond the outward wonder and festivities of the season, there is still time. There is always time. The Divine patiently awaits our awakening. It’s just that at this time, the veil is thin and the heart is tender with memories and seemingly unquenchable yearning. Let the balm of inner communion with the expansive compassion, love and peace of the Christ child be the special present of the Divine Mother to you this Christmas.
Swami Kriyananda’s song “The Christ Child’s Asleep” captures the tenderness, the yearning and the promise so beautifully.

Our pleasures and pains,
Our losses, our gains
Have kept us long bound,
The ropes of yearning hemmed us ’round.
We dreamed of imposing on desert sand
Flower gardens of beauty,
Verdant vales of delight:
Imagination misted our sight!

The freedom we would know
Christ offered long ago,
And even from his slumber flows peace.
All creatures here on earth,
Alive to their own worth,
Can welcome love, and win their release.

Listen to the entire song here.We hope you will join us this Christmas eve in person, or on Christmas morn online, or anytime in the new year. We are here to support your soul yearnings. We are here to support each other.

May you have a very happy and blessed Christmas!

Together in Christ’s Love,

Ananda in Texas