2023 is here! The mild winter weather we are currently experiencing in Texas, gives us an opportunity to clean up the dead plants, fallen leaves and general detritus from the end of last season. It is the perfect metaphor for the new year. Clearing out all that is no longer “alive”  or useful to us, and begin to  prepare and till the soil for the planting of new seeds of spiritual aspiration and creative inspiration. Riding this wave of new year energy is something we want to take advantage of. The holiday season gives us the unique combination of the heart opening purification and expansiveness of Christmas, ending with a renewed energy toward positive change in our lives in the new year.
Add to it the celebration of Yogananda’s birthday on Jan 5th and its the opportunity for  us to join together to say “Om Swaha” to 2022 and “Jai Guru” to 2023!

Ananda in Texas