We recently celebrated Paramhansa Yogananda’s birthday, he is the great avatar of these times who brought the tools of Kriya Yoga and inner communion with the Divine to millions of souls over the course of these last 100 plus years. Whoever holds their cup of yearning for deeper meaning, understanding and liberation from the sufferings of this world, will find refuge and answers in his teachings and the practice of his yoga techniques. For those of us who already follow his yoga teachings and attune ourselves to his infinite consciousness, this day holds special blessings. His birthday becomes like our own.There is no difference between the giver and the receiver!
But no bigger gift is given than His promise to all who earnestly seek God through these teachings—no matter how many times we lose sight of our spiritual aspirations, or we find ourselves mired in doubt and discouragement, or wandering astray in the distractions and attractions of this alluring world, He will find us, He will be with us, He will guide us back. “I will be Thine always” is not only the promise of the devotee to the guru; remember too, it’s Yogananda’s promise to each and everyone of us.

With deep gratitude,
Ananda in Texas