A busy January wends its way to a close in this post pandemic era. While there are many things that seem the same as the “before times”, in reality as we live it, it is very different. The moral compass of mass consciousness seems to be listing on its axis, the stress of the past few years has taken an insidious toll on our bodies and mental attitudes, and we are swimming in a simmering soup of uncertainty of which most of us have not experienced in our lifetimes. Still as yogis, we soldier forward with positive attitudes clinging to the sanctuary of our yoga and meditation practices. But let’s get real, it is easy to get unintentionally sidetracked too, left on our own. Yogananda said, “Environment is stronger than willpower.” We can either take an active role in managing the stresses by getting the necessary support in gatherings of like-minded souls practicing the techniques, or we can delude ourselves thinking we can do it on our own as effectively all the time.
This is why Ananda Texas exists and continues to shine its light for all who seek to keep their own lights shining brightly and to share the joy with others. Dive deep into the peace within you in a much more dynamic and powerful way through one of our upcoming inperson offerings or join us online for peace-filled satang as well. Be part of the restoration of true peace in this world, by the magnetic force of like-minded souls coming together in common intention.

Together finding peace within,
Ananda in Texas