Let’s be vigilant and alert to when our energy starts to fall and God’s presence seems to slowly leak away from our lives. This week we are sharing an excerpt of a recent blog by our dear friend, Jitendra from Ananda

It is interesting that during the times that I feel the most challenged, I also notice that myenergy level is lower than normal and I am not trying as hard to embrace that which is actually good and serving. So, I have been trying to remember what Yogananda encouraged us time and time again to always be focused on, renewing our efforts after an interruption. We all have interruptions on small levels as well as large ones. But, if we notice that the river has been blocked from a falling tree, the mission becomes, how soon are we going to work on removing the tree to allow the river to flow again. I have been trying to ‘respond’ quicker and resume the activity which has always brought me back into the divine flow.

Again and again I find that when there is need for renewal, there are two sides which serve us to get back into a greater flow toward inner joy. This includes taking time alone with God in seclusion, whether it is for a few days or a few hours. Having satsang with God and Guru in the silence empowers our inner devotion and ability to feel God near and dear (which He always is if we think it to be so).

But, also outer satsang, meaning spending time with devotees in group meditation, classes, meetings etc, help us to feel the greater flow of energy and grace which is present. I am often inspired by the model in which the 12 steps embrace which encourages all of those members if they feel the urge of relapsing, to go to a meeting. This is the power of satsang which deeply helps us.

Seclusion offers a unique opportunity to restore our spiritual sanity on a deep and personal level; satsang gives us the power of shared energies that sustain our remembrance on a day to day basis. One might say they are the left and right hands of our spiritual efforts. If you are feeling a little under the weather spiritually, Ananda in Texas is here to support you with a “remedy” of practices, satsang and counselling that will help re-connect you to your Divine Source within.

Together in the Light,

Ananda in Texas