Recently Ananda Texas had our first retreat day in our new Sangha House with folks coming from all over Texas and surrounding states to join us. Leading the retreat was our visiting teacher Brahmachari Sagar from Ananda Village.The topic was perfect,  How to Rise Above your Karma. Part of that process is connecting through meditation practices with the Infinite Intelligence that resides within each and every one of us. Yoga is what helps cultivate the awareness of that power and our connection to the Source. Indeed we don’t need to “overcome” our karma so much as we need to realize we are much bigger than any obstacle that is set before us. We do that by realizing that the key to unleashing that power resides in an expansion of our consciousness rather than identifying with our limitations or hoarding our resources, creating a constrictive  “I, me, mine” mentality. Prosperity, creativity—energy in all forms is ours when we align ourselves with God’s will and the Infinite love of the Divine. The Path of Kriya Yoga  gives us the tools to tap into that Source and to help us in our realignment with this higher reality. It’s a transformative journey that we so want to share with you!

Together seeking the Divine Within us all,

Ananda in Texas