We recently enjoyed a blessed Easter weekend with perfect weather and lots of gatherings to inspire us. We are now fully into spring here in Texas! The landscape is blossoming into a beautiful rainbow palette. Inside us too as we move through our days,the transformative process is taking place within our energy body in all its array of chakra colors and vibrations. There are no boundaries to this energy except in our well defined thought forms and habits. The practice of yoga and meditation works to free us from our limited view points, indeed expand our awareness to see how we are all interconnected in a precious and wondrous way. Let’s continue to cultivate the gardens of our consciousness through acts of kindness, understanding, forgiveness, spraying the weed thoughts of doubt, fear and anger with loving self compassion. It is then that we can truly flower in sweet harmony with the fragrance of love blessing us all.

Together in the Garden of Self Realization,
Ananda Texas