This Sunday is Mother’s Day. A time when we celebrate and honor mothers everywhere and reflect on the archetype of the mother—those qualities of nurturance, love, compassion, comfort, as well as the creative feminine aspects of which motherhood also represents. In the yoga teachings, the Divine Mother takes on many faces of the feminine, including the creative force of AUM. AUM is the Divine Mother of the Universe. She is the sacred creative vibration that manifests all creation. Through the AUM vibration, She appears to us as Mother Nature. You can read more about the many aspects of the sacred feminine in this insightful Ananda blog. It can give you a broader, more impersonal perspective on the role of the sacred feminine in our spiritual lives and in counterbalance to the masculine energies in ourselves and in the world we live.
Also in early June, we are offering an experiential, interactive retreat day lead by our special guest from Ananda Palo Alto, Saiganesh Sairanam, who will take us into a deeper understanding of AUM. Discounted registration is still open until May 30th for those eager to explore the role of the Divine Mother as AUM.

Together in Divine Mother’s love,
Ananda in Texas