A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to share in many powerful programs celebrating the 10th anniversary of Swami Kriyananda’s moksha (liberation from this plane). In one of the online programs, Tyagi Narayani shared a deeply moving, real life experience where Swami Kriyananda gently guided her into being a channel of light to a troubled woman in an airport. It was part of a larger message —it isn’t just enough as a yogi to find the bliss within ourselves, but it is also our duty to share that joy! This is the larger mission of Ananda (which means bliss) for all of us who love these teachings and have felt their blessings. It is also a crucial element to our continued transformation. Once we have experienced the effectiveness of these teachings, it is relatively easy to retreat to our meditation corner and believe this is it! (It may feel like that is all we can do at times too, though!) But throughout the teachings, we are reminded again and again, that our dharma is to share our blessings—to learn to be channels of light. In the same program, Nayaswami Dhyana recounted another story where she questioned Swami Kriyananda as to her further usefulness in her service in India. “Look around you”, he exclaimed. “You are desperately needed!”
The world is in need of channels. Meditation connects us with the flow of Love which is who we truly are, but in order to become that love, we need to put it in action through service to others, in service to our spiritual family, and in creating sanctuaries where others can gather and learn these teachings as well. Recently a new Ananda meditation group has formed in Houston and this Saturday and Sunday we did programs there in April. This is the spirit of Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda flowing through the selfless service of those willing souls to share this ray of light in the Houston area!
This year also marks 30 years of selfless serving and sharing in the Dallas area as Texas gurubhais together are cultivating a beacon of Light through the development of our Ananda Sangha House.
Let your light shine! Join us in Houston or Austin with our two meditation groups,or come visit us in person at the Ananda Sangha House in Dallas to share in the joy and add your efforts to ours.

Together as Channels of Light,
Ananda in Texas