Happy Memorial Weekend to all!  This holiday weekend marks two important events—the commemoration of those who sacrificed their lives for a cause bigger than themselves, and also, on a more mundane level, the transition period of our schedules into summer mode. The latter is what is preoccupying many of us, there is a joyful, bustling energy in the air even if we don’t have travel plans. What we are tuning into is the energy of our surroundings, a group dynamic, a mass consciousness. This is happening all the time of course. That is why Paramhansa Yogananda said, “environment is stronger than willpower.” It is simply harder to tune out or resist a group energy at times, especially when it is more focused.
 And it is so wonderful if it is a joyful, uplifting energy, not so great when it is anger, frustration, anxiety that surrounds us. The yogic practices ultimately teach us ways to strengthen ourselves to be happy under all circumstances and energies. The foundation of that is a regular practice of meditation. Practicing meditation with others further gives you that group dynamic and support. Finding an environment that is supportive of those efforts adds another layer of resilience.

Our new Sangha House is one such place where we can gather to find inspiration and support. Start your summer out from a peaceful, joyful perspective by coming to one or more of our upcoming events. It’s sure to bring you into an ever growing tranquility within your own inner garden of Self- realization.

Together in Joy,
Ananda in Texas