This month we are highlighting the healing power of AUM through Saturday’s Melody of Love Retreat Day, through our online Tuesday discussion group, Treasures Along the Path, and finally at the end of the month our Immersive Sound Healing Workshop. Each offers different perspectives for attuning ourselves to the sacred healing sound that permeates the material universe. indeed AUM creates, sustains, and ultimately is involved in the dissolution back into Oneness in Spirit. There are no words that can adequately describe it, but every soul can experience AUM by turning their awareness inwardly through meditation and chanting. The yogis have perfected the path to this inner experience and throughout June we have a rare opportunity to deepen our experience and share in the understanding of AUM together. This upcoming weekend in particular Saiganesh Sairanam, a talented young minister and teacher from Ananda Palo Alto, will be giving an all day retreat to inspire and share with us the multitude of ways we can explore AUM. He is also giving a kirtan on Friday night as well as Sunday service.
The healing vibrations of AUM are amplified when we all come together in common intention. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to explore your inner being and the connection to all that is!

Together in AUM,
Ananda in Texas