We can all relate to the feeling of dropping into a different reality — we do it all the time when we meditate, walk in nature, or go for a swim. Even getting into my car and driving gives me a sense of travelling the in-between space from point A to point B. I find this in-between space to be a liberating vibe, in which releasing the past and focusing on what I want to see or just being receptive is very well supported.

I recently had the blessing of standing at the shore on the Isle of Skye and watching two swans diving for food in the bay. I remembered Paramhansa’s (hansa = “swan”) poem about diving into the waters of meditation for the pearls of God-contact. Wading in the crystal-clear water, I prayed deeply to be cleansed and uninhibited in my own diving quests into the true reality we seek. I offer this prayer for all of us, as well.