We most often associate “yoga” with yoga postures, that wonderful practice which helps to unwind the tensions and stresses out of our physical body, and also introduces us first hand to the mind/breath/body connection. As we deepen our experience and understanding, we realize that the postures are only one small fraction of the complete lifestyle of a true yogi. If we aren’t applying the right attitudes combined with the cleansing and rebalancing effects of meditation and pranayam (energy control); if we haven’t yet integrated those practices into a deeper search for the meaning of our lives beyond the seeming appearances of our day to day existence, then we are only skimming the surface of what it means to be a true yogi.

What does it mean to be a true yogi? If you want to begin a deeper journey that will connect you to the Divine within and enhance your spiritual aspirations regardless of your outward religious affiliation, we invite you to join us for any of our offerings. In particular, our Raja Yoga series that begins in September, is designed to bring you a deeper, comprehensive understanding.

Therefore, wait no longer, “Be Thou a Yogi!”
Ananda in Texas