Earlier this week I was in San Antonio for a work convention about education. As in most conventions, the keynote speaker was inspiring and comedic. She said, “Aren’t we all tired of hearing, ‘we are entering uncertain times’? Uncertain times? When have we ever said to ourselves, ‘Thank God for these certain times we’re entering!’? Never! Bring on the uncertain times! We’re pros at uncertain times!” Pretty refreshing, right?

During Spiritual Renewal Week, every day we were treated to a panel of three speakers expounding on the topic of the day. On Thursday the theme was how to deal with, well, uncertain times. All the speakers were brilliant, but one of them succinctly summed it up this way — There are no uncertain times when we remember that God is the only reality and everything else is just His lila. Nayaswami Ananta in fact said simply, Uncertainty? Change? There is no change! God never changes. Push everything to the periphery and stay in the changeless center with God. Everything will fall into place.

So, both of these messages, with their contradictory images — are we expertly reacting to the storms of uncertainty or are we divinely anchored in calm while the waves crash around us — nevertheless offer us a comforting truth. Because of the soul knowledge and meditation/yoga skills we have cultivated through Yogananda’s teachings, we can do both. We know what actions to take to meet change, and we can stay unflappable in the unchanging reality of Spirit as we do them. Don’t you agree that you find yourself more and more able to do both with your ever-deepening attunement?

Come practice and meditate with us, and together we will cast our divine anchor amid the squalling waves!

Kimberly Pradhan, Austin Meditation Group Co-leader