In these hot, testy days of summer, we see how all of nature, including our relationships with one another are under a little more stress, and that sense of overwhelm is creeping up like the temperature! The practical steps in which we choose to handle our stress will be individual, but the bottom line is to observe whether our actions are tilting the scales toward us feeling more connected in our spiritual lives or languishing in our overwhelm. Bringing God into everything we do, and seeing Divine Mother’s hand behind it all, is the divine perception we work to hone as yogis.
Recently we have been conducting a discussion group on the new book, Kriya Yoga: Spiritual Awakening for the New Age, that addresses topics like this. Nayaswami Devarshi, the author, is also currently doing a three week Q&A on the book. In his most recent program, he was asked, “How do we deal with overwhelm in our lives?” Overwhelm is typically a manifestation of a test we perceive that is too big for us. His practical answer was for each of us to ask “what will help me get through this test”, not so much “why is this happening to me,’ or even seeing it just as karma blowing up in our faces. These latter approaches often bring about a kind of self involvement that ties us up in further knots.
“Divine Mother gives us these tests,” he explained,” to develop qualities and strengths in our lives that will bring us closer to God.”
As always, the road is made easier and more enjoyable when we travel it together. So we invite you to come “cool off” and to visit the watering hole of inspiration and upliftment in satsang with other like-minded souls at one of our many upcoming gatherings!

Together ever climbing toward greater peace and harmony in all our lives,
Ananda in Texas