And even though it is still warm here in Texas, we feel the fall change beginning to happen. The days are now more often below triple digits (thank you, Divine Mother!) The morning sun rises later, the evening loses light quicker. There is almost an audible sigh of relief that the inward life is returning again as this hot, busy summer winds down. The seasons are not unlike the cyclical nature of our energies too. The yoga teachings tell us that as long as we live only outwardly in the senses, we are subject to the ups and downs of our circumstances and the subsequent roller coaster of our emotional reactions. Great when things are going well, wearisome and stressful when they are not!
As yogis we study and practice techniques that help us work on an inner level with the energies that animate us, indeed the entire universe. Meditation is the cornerstone of this yogic science, with Kriya Yoga as the specific technique of energy control that Paramhansa Yogananda introduced to the West. This week we begin a nine class series that specifically addresses the many aspects of Raja Yoga which is the foundation of the Kriya Yoga technique. If you want to understand and experience what yoga is truly about, come join us on the inward journey toward discovering the Divine Joy within.

Together on the Path of Kriya Yoga,

Ananda in Texas