In the inspiring movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, Jimmy Stewart is the selfless town hero with a big vision of what he thinks will bring him personal fulfillment, a vision that is at odds with the simple life that destiny propels him toward. He faces crisis after crisis, always choosing on the side of sharing and giving to others, at the seeming expense of his cherished dreams. At one point it seems like the tides have finally turned against him and all his good efforts are for naught. An angel then comes to show him that his heart has been in the right place all along and ultimately he discovers the true value of his selfless service through rich friendships and the enduring joy of his simple living. It resonates with us, because it contains a truth that our souls recognize. Joy is found within us and amplified through our sharing.
Last Thursday was North Texas Giving Day. A short window of time in which your sharing and support of the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda goes to help others discover the joy that is within them too. You can still be part of this energy of giving. If you have been touched in any way by these teachings, help us share with others by donating today.
And if you haven’t yet visited our new location in Richardson, make it a priority to stop by and renew yourself in the soothing vibrations of our Ananda Texas Sangha House. We are about creating community one soul at a time.

Together finding the Joy Within and all around,

Ananda in Texas