The breath comes in and the breath goes out. It seemingly sustains life without us even thinking about it. The sages of ancient times realized though that the breath was more than just a physical phenomenon. They realized that it was subtly but intricately linked to the essence of our spiritual being. It is the pathway to Self-realization. This view of our bodies, indeed our world, as energy, is just now beginning to be understood and verified by modern science. It is the goal of every aspiring yogi to learn energy control and apply in such a way to lift us into higher consciousness.
We live in an age of energy with wonders unfolding more rapidly every day. The management of our own energy will not only allow us the quality of life and well being we truly seek, but it will provide the much needed transformative power to influence our world in a positive direction.
On Thursday during the next Raja Yoga class we will explore the energy body whose basis is the chakras system. This understanding gives us a personal context which helps us navigate this ever increasingly complex and highly stimulating world that we live in. Come explore with us!

Together seeking a better world for all,
Ananda in Texas