With Thanksgiving just around the corner we are officially entering into the holiday season! It seems fitting that it commences with the heart opening holiday that emphasizes gratitude. The heart is the gateway to higher consciousness, to our highest aspirations, to the”better angels” of our true nature. Science, too, has now confirmed that when we utilize gratitude as a tool to shift our consciousness, that it also does wonders for our health and well-being. At times it can be difficult to focus on the goodness in our lives, but if we make the effort, the reward of an open heart gives us new vision and light through the darkness that can sometimes shroud our lives.
At Ananda Texas, we are so grateful that we have a beautiful space now to continue to share these teachings. That we can come together, not only to meditate in person and do yoga, but also to share meals, put our hands in the earth, and just get to really know each other better. If you haven’t come by recently, you really should! Join us next Friday for our “Friendsgiving Potluck” or even tonight for our kirtan. It is a lovely space filled with like minded souls just like you…ever seeking the Light and goodness in our lives.

Together in the Light ~
Ananda in Texas