One of our meditation group leaders in Austin shared this inspiration with us recently and we’d like to pass it on to you today:

I’m writing to you from the bleachers. I’m inside a high school gym watching my son’s basketball team warm up for their game. We drove 1 ½ hours to San Antonio for my son to play for probably 5 minutes. That’s what being on a team requires sometimes. Maybe he’ll have a brilliant 5 minutes, or maybe he will barely touch the ball. Regardless, the most important thing he did was show up, ready to give his best effort.

Isn’t it so with meditation? Don’t we sometimes feel like we have to make a big effort for apparently little “reward” or “playing time”? Aren’t there times when we feel we’re just sitting on the bench waiting for some action? It happens to every meditator at one time or another — a dry, restless, or seemingly fruitless event that makes us question our ability or worse, dampens our motivation. However, the most crucial step is to start, to show up, to be willing, full of potential and positive expectation that your practice, at any unbidden moment, will surprise you. It always helps me to remember that the divine is already present and loving us no matter what we do on our end.

This captures the spirit of the new year’s energy: a little more determination, a little more grit, and a little more commitment. At Ananda in Texas we want to support you in your efforts! We have a meditation series happening in Austin in early Feb, as well as several offerings here at our Sangha House in Dallas. Don’t struggle on your own. It really takes a team effort to find God and to tap into the deepest well of your own True Self. “Where two or more are gathered….”

Together in the Light,
Ananda in Texas