In the middle of the winter as we are trying to harness the energy of the new year, we can easily meet our resistance. It’s hard to be hopeful at times, to muster up the energy, given the circumstances globally and just the challenges we are all faced with in our personal lives. And besides, it’s cold and dreary outside!
Perhaps if we could just see ourselves as the incubating seed just beneath the surface of all our cold and crusty challenges, something is trying to emerge anew. We can water it with acceptance and acknowledgement and then realize within the very challenge lies all the latent ingredients to help fuel our faith and enthusiasm again. Let’s open up to a flow of energy bigger than ourselves. Our part is to just take the very next step with faith, through self offering into that energy. We put out a little and the Divine energy all around us supports an even greater growth and expansion. It is a simple mathematical equation that we just need to reorient our thinking around in order to understand it on deeper and deeper levels. Energy begets more energy. If we direct it positively through our meditations and right action, we can change not only our own trajectories but that of our world.
At Ananda Texas, we are offering many opportunities right now that will nurture that seed of awareness and support it with ever deepening faith, born of experience. We all need support, we hope you will join us on the journey.

Together moving toward the Light,

Ananda in Texas