It’s February, time when some of the pressures of the new year are increasing while our initial enthusiasms may need a second wind. Last weekend we held a workshop on experimenting with how to get the energy moving, harnessed and focused in a positive way to facilitate more harmony and well-being in our lives. Inevitably though, we meet resistance.

As yogis, we are learning to recognize with ever increased sensitivity, where the resistance lies within us on all levels. An important one is that energetic level of habitual thoughts and unconscious responses and actions that can ultimately turn life into pure drudgery. So many times we don’t even realize how much resistance we are adding to our endeavors and aspirations. How often do we tell ourselves there isn’t enough time, we aren’t good enough, or how tired we are, how busy and overwhelmed. Certainly there is an element of reality in this for everyone as we experience the energy of our planet moving at faster and faster rates. But if we are being asked to pedal faster, it definitely adds resistance when our thoughts reinforce limitation.

To begin to lift our energy, it starts with our mindset and energetic positive action/direction. In this video, Nayaswami Asha also offers some very practical advice and insights on recognizing and overcoming our resistances. It’s definitely worth watching. Also starting February 17th, Ananda Worldwide is offering four days of free online classes during Inner Renewal Retreat: Follow Your Dharma, Your Path to Liberation

These offerings and those inperson at our Ananda Texas Sangha House can add fuel to your aspirations and help break through your resistances. When we are successful in dissolving some of our resistance, we are opening into a greater flow of energy that always exists within us and around us. It is truly an unlimited supply.

Together opening into the infinite source of all power,

Ananda in Texas