As Easter approaches those of us brought up in a Christian tradition remember the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus talking about purity of the heart. As we strive to be “Christlike” yogis, the long and winding road of the heart’s purification can be discouraging. We often judge ourselves (and consequently judge others) when again and again we fall short. Paramhansa Yogananda gives us these encouraging words:

“Never mind if you have erred. Just call to God with trusting love. Hide nothing from Him. He knows all your faults, far better than you do! Be completely open with Him.”

Let’s remember always, that God reads the heart. Divine Mother knows our intentions. We are accepted completely in Her Divine love.

What is in your heart today? Our only duty as yogis is to take each moment with awareness of what is in our hearts even if our actions fall short in an imperfect expression of our desire to be more loving human beings. With this self honesty, we can then make the course corrections feeling the Divine’s acceptance, patience and love for us.

Purity of heart is a journey, just like everything else on the spiritual path. For yogis, that awareness is anchored through our meditation practices which help us develop the natural love and purity of the heart, as well as an ever expanding awareness. WIth our practices fueling a stronger desire to live in love and acceptance of ourselves and others, we will eventually wend our way into greater and greater vistas of Divine Love and connection.

Together in the heart,
Ananda in Texas