As we enter the bustling season of Christmas, full of the energy of giving, sharing and an expansion of sympathies, it also poses a challenge to cultivating underlying peace at the same time. Yogananda said one of the goals of a yogi is to be “actively calm, calmly active.” This state is cultivated through a daily practice of meditation and a vigilant moment-to-moment awareness; taking those essential meditation breaks to sip the sparkling waters of inner peace and restore a sense of balance. This is what prepares the cradles of our hearts to receive the great blessing of Christ’s living presence within us during this holy time. It is the combination of this generosity of spirit from a calm and peaceful heart that brings about the lasting joy imbued in this Holy Season.
So by whatever means we can, let’s endeavor to take the time to go inward to cultivate peace so that this Christmas it is the gift we give to all.

Together in peace,
Ananda in Texas