The Journey Home – Life on the Path of Kriya Yoga

When you travel the spiritual path life takes on new meaning and every day is an opportunity for increased awareness, inspiration and joy.

Wasting Time with God

Dear Ones,

Many years ago, I grew discontent on my spiritual journey. I wasn’t looking for a change, yet there was a sense that something was missing. I wanted to “know” the truth and “experience” God. But, I wasn’t sure what that meant. While reading a book by Thomas Green, S.J., I came across the line, “gracefully waste time with God.” My mind fixed strongly on these words and I knew it would be life changing to learn how to gracefully waste time in the benevolent presence of the Lord.  (read more…)

Deeds vs. Intentions

I was preparing to give Sunday Service on the topic of “Deeds Vs. Intentions”. The core premise of the reading is that even the desire to harm is an error in that it denies the reality that all is God. This topic brought to mind the many ways that our state of mind affects our reality, all the way from legal consequences to outcomes in physics to efficacy of medical treatments.   (read more…)

Easter’s Message of Hope

Dear Ones:

As I sit to write this Easter message, I am hoping this letter finds you safe, loved, and prosperous. I am wishing for you a happy and joyous Easter weekend. 

I would like to invite you to take a moment to pause and reflect on a few thoughts about this sacred Easter season. Take a deep breath, slowly release it and rest for a moment in the stillness of renewal before we begin. (read more…)