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If you’re feeling helpless, help someone!

Hoping you all have a great 4th of July celebration!  Since this coming weekend is the holidays, we will pickup the following Monday, July the 12th, giving everyone extra time to add a few groceries on the usual list or to get the most needed things for Austin Street Shelter listed below!  Also, if you have any old phones that still work … Read More

A New Dawn: Building Spiritual Community in These Times

Moving forward! Check out these possibilities…..

Thanks to the wonderful energy of community member, Bo Hale, we have some real possibilities that we are checking out. Turns out she’s a realtor with a lot of enthusiasm. Envision with us our new home!

Fishes and Loaves: Sharing Hearts and Nurturing the Needy

Pick up for Austin Street Shelter and TOYS FOR TOTS Christmas Project Monday, NOVEMBER 16

Thank you, all, for the donations for Austin Street, and for Toys for Tots last Monday. All, were happily received!! There are some smiles behind those masks! Never before have we been speaking with our eyes. As one member reflected, it is a good deed to make contact with people that way and give them a hug through our eyes. … Read More

Fishes and Loaves: Sharing Hearts and Nurturing the Needy

Pickup for Austin Street Center and Toys for Tots Christmas Project on November 9

Thank you for last week’s donations! They were received and appreciated as always! Maitri, one of our team members, thought of a Christmas Project we could support, so starting this week, we will be picking up for TOYS FOR TOTS, as well as the items needed for Austin Street Center. You can go to Toys for Tots website, and see … Read More

Corona Cooking: Back to Basics

It’s fall folks and we have just a few short weeks before comfort food will reign again! So let’s focus this month’s Foodie FUNdraiser on some simple basic and balanced dishes to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of holiday cooking. Since we have begun our Raja Yoga series which also includes sharing about the science of Ayurveda and healthy yogic … Read More

House on 43 Acres

Jyoti has located a beautiful house on 43 acres near Sherman. The address is 3439 Refuge Road, Sherman TX 75092. Love the street name – I think there is actually some kind of sanctuary near there! You can look it up on and take a virtual tour!