“I will prepare for the coming of the Omnipresent baby Christ by cleaning the cradle of my consciousness, now rusty with selfishness, indifference, and sense attachments; and by polishing it with deep daily , divine meditation, introspection and discrimination.” -Paramhansa Yogananda

Give yourself and others the true gift of the season: inner communion and stillness. During this powerful time of year, if we dive deep we can bring not only ourselves into greater harmony and renewal, but truly share these blessings with the world in this time of great need.  Join us for this very special 3-day, 2-night Christmas retreat at the Springhill Retreat Center in Richardson, Texas. Our Christmas gift to you is this opportunity to share in the joy, wonder, and profound sense of connection during this sacred time  of the year with other like-minded souls.

The centerpiece of this retreat will revolve around what the great yogi master, Paramhansa Yogananda, called the true spiritual Christmas, the all day Christmas meditation.  It is a tradition of this path to take one day over the course of eight hours and dedicate to inner communion with the Christ consciousness so powerful at this time of year. When one consciously sets aside the intense outward activity of the holiday season and takes that energy inward, it can be profoundly transformative. Our all day meditation consists of several periods of deep meditation, guided and still, alternating with times of chanting, uplifting music, meditative movement, inspiring readings. Participants can come and go at different breaks throughout the day, and they can participate in a day of silence with nature walks, exploring the outdoor labyrinth, journaling, yoga or just plain relaxing in their own rooms.

On Sunday, we will share in an inspiring Christmas-themed Sunday service followed by our festive social Christmas with a “white elephant” gift exchange for those who wish to participate. An amazing Christmas brunch will be catered once again by Indra Raj, our gifted chef with rave reviews from all our guests at previous retreats and celebrations.

All the wonderful activities of the holiday season become much more meaningful when we take just a little bit of time to focus on what it is truly all about.  It can be an extraordinary experience that can bring love and healing into our hearts and as well as the world around us.


We are keeping the costs of this retreat minimal, making it affordable for all who would like to participate (or attend).

  • Two-night stay includes meals and is $170. (Each room has a private bath and two single beds. Each room has a private bath and two single beds. Participants are welcome to find their own roommates if they choose to share and cut costs. Each participant will need to register separately.)
  • Meal tickets $25 per day (included in those staying overnight) are available in advance for day guests.  Saturday’s ticket includes breakfast and dinner. Sunday’s ticket includes breakfast and a celebratory Christmas lunch. (There is no refrigeration for personal items. Rooms do not include separate refrigerators.)

Accommodations are extremely limited so please register asap for availability and discounted rate. Registration deadline is Dec 1st. If availability still exists after this date, the rate will increase by an additional $50.

COVID-19 Protocol
Following current local and state guidelines, we encourage everyone to join us that is healthy and symptom free of fever and other outward signs of sickness. If any symptoms occur just prior to the retreat we request that infected participants responsibly get COVID tested, Masks and social distancing are encouraged indoors for those unvaccinated. In general, protocol relies on personal responsibility and discretion at this time.

About our Facilitators
Nayaswami Supriya is the Spiritual Director of Ananda in Texas, Lightbearer minister. Supriya at anandadallas.orgMaitri Smithihisler is the Managing Director of Ananda in Texas, minister, Maitri S. AnandaDallas.orgyoga teacher E-RYT 500 . Together along with other community members, they will be our hosts for the weekend guiding the Friday night program, the all -day meditation, and Sunday Service.

About our Caterer

Indra Raj has been passionate about cooking from 10 yrs of age . She has been experimenting with different culinary fusion food for the last 20 years. She loves to cook quick and healthy  foods for friends and family and feels it as a privilege to be given an opportunity to serve in this way.