We all want to connect with others who share our ideals and aspirations. At Ananda, we use the word “Satsang”, which means “spiritual company” or “company with truth”, to describe those opportunities to connect with other truth seekers. Every activity and event at Ananda is an opportunity for satsang and therefore, is meaningful and important for our spiritual growth. Even a small encounter can be rich with divine friendship and an upliftment of energy for all. We invite you to connect in any way that inspires you.

Spiritual Community

Participating in a spiritual community is a wonderful way to feel connected to something bigger than yourself. Community is a core principle at Ananda and the establishment of small, intentional spiritual communities was at the heart of Paramhansa Yogananda’s mission in the west. While Ananda Dallas is, at this point, a virtual community we continue to strive toward the goal of creating an intentional community where members will live in close proximity to each other in order to support each other in their spiritual development.

Families and Sunday Service

We offer yoga and spiritual fun for kids every Sunday during our Festival of Light service at 11 am.

We also have Family Service together once a quarter. This is an opportunity for the entire community, including our children, to enjoy service together. The service is shorter than usual – about 45 minutes, and we have a more casual, kid-friendly format with stories, music and readings. After service we invite you to stay for snacks and satsang – or fellowship with truth seekers of all ages.

Check our calendar or contact us for the dates of our next Family Services. 

Suggestions for Newcomers

  • Come to activities, events, classes and informal gatherings (satsangs). Each time is an opportunity for getting to know others and feeling more connected. Check our calendar and call (972-248-9126) to ask about what is coming up. Also sign up to receive our newsletter and information about events.
  • Come take a class at the center to get familiar with the teachings and the people of Ananda Dallas. The Free Introduction to Meditation class is just one evening and is a great place to start.
  • Sunday Services are inspiring and provide opportunity to mix and chat with people after service.
  • If you are not sure about how to get started, make an appointment to talk with one of the ministers and we would be happy to discuss how you can connect with Ananda. 972-248-9126 Contact us

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