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Fun Fridays! (In-Person)

Nov 10: Movie night
Nov 17: Kirtan
Nov 24: Ananda Thanksgiving gathering

It’s movie night at the Ananda Sangha House. This Friday we will be watching the new documentary on the inspiring western yogi, Ram Dass.
Becoming Nobody is the quintessential portal to Ram Dass’ life and teachings. Ram Dass delivers an engaging narrative, touching the joy, the foibles, and the honesty for the very essence of his work and relevance.
Popcorn and sodas provided!

Do you need a little fun and upliftment? Fun Fridays are our opportunity to share the Light through a variety of community gatherings sponsored by our members. It will involve all the essential elements of fun for us as aspiring yogis: satsang and upliftment. (Oh, and we will throw in delicious food too! )It will be expressed in a variety of forms from kirtan, to movies, cooking, and other creative applications.

Swami Kriyananda once said

“The purpose of Ananda is to have fun, and what we mean by having fun is to be close to Divine Mother and share her Joy with everyone!”