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Online Guided Kriya Meditation (for kriyabans only)

Online TX

ONLINE: Guided Kriya Meditation The 1st Saturday of each month  Contact our Spiritual Director, Supriya Chadwick for more information on this final course.   During these 2 hrs, we will pray, chant and be guided through the routine of meditation into the Kriya practice as suggested by the Ananda Kriya ministry. There will be 45 min of silence for ... Read More

The Guru-Disciple Relationship

Ananda Sangha House 320 East Phillips St, Richardson

This class is about understanding higher guidance within and depth of spiritual practices. Whether you are new and simply curious or a disciple, this subject knows no bounds. Understanding of the Guru-Disciple Relationship is a lifetime adventure and one that merits our sincere attention. Encompassing such subjects as transcendence of the ego, receptivity to higher guidance, cooperation with universal principles, ... Read More