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Lunchtime Meditation (Online)

Online TX

  Fridays are a great time to do a mid-day meditation. With the work week almost over it's easier to relax the mind and relieve the pressures of the week. Join us! All are welcome   12:00  Opening prayer and chant 12:10–12:30  Silent meditation        

Fun Fridays! (In-Person)

Ananda Sangha House 320 East Phillips St, Richardson

Welcome to Fun Fridays!  This week's theme is Restorative Yoga. In Restorative Yoga you are able to benefit from postures while being completely supported which allows you to: *let go of chronic stress in the body *still the mind and experience Calmness *access Inner Peace *listen to your soul's Inner Guidance Through the use of supporting blankets, bolsters and pillows, ... Read More