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Online Guided Kriya Meditation (for kriyabans only)

Online TX

ONLINE: Guided Kriya Meditation The 1st Saturday of each month  Contact our Spiritual Director, Supriya Chadwick for more information on this final course.   During these 2 hrs, we will pray, chant and be guided through the routine of meditation into the Kriya practice as suggested by the Ananda Kriya ministry. There will be 45 min of silence for ... Read More

Inspire Your Meditation Practice

Ananda Sangha House 320 East Phillips St, Richardson

Unable to do a 3-week learn to meditate series? In need of a refresher? Then this workshop may be right for you. You will receive all the information and tools you need to support your inner journey in one session. You will learn: Ancient yogic breath-based meditation techniques. How to rejuvenate yourself through daily meditation + access Inner Peace. How ... Read More