Yogananda said the Christmas tree is symbolic of the astral spine with the lights of the tree reflecting the colorful lights of the chakras; the star at the top of the tree, the spiritual eye. It can be helpful to use these symbols of the season to remember the true essence of Christmas, the “birth” or re-awakening of Christ Consciousness within each and every one of us. But it is easy to get pulled into distraction with the joyful wonder of the season, the beautiful music, open-hearted giving, and the special time spent with family and friends. Or paradoxically be turned off by the crass materialism that also accompanies the season.
This Christmas go beyond all that… Yogananda made a tradition of an all-day Christmas meditation, celebrating the inner, spiritual Christmas. Tomorrow, Ananda Texas will be honoring that tradition and we invite you to join us for any portion. Explore what it means to experience the joy, the love, the compassion, and the hope that the Presence of Christ can bring to each and every soul who seeks Him in deep, inner communion. “Where two or more are gathered, there am I in the midst of them.” said Christ.  During this holy time when the veil is thin, the true spirit and transformative experience of Christmas awaits you within.

Together in Christ’s Love,

Ananda in Texas