Practicing the presence of God in all that we do, and staying in the Light with a positive, expansive attitude toward life, is the constant challenge of any serious spiritual aspirant. There are many obstacles of which some of the most challenging are environment and our personal karma. Environment can be mitigated through our association with like-minded souls. Paramhansa Yogananda is often quoted, “Environment is stronger than willpower,” thus the power of satsang (gathering of truthseekers) cannot be underestimated!
But what about personal karma? Well, it is a bit of a gnarly jungle. Yogananda also said, we are here to be educated and entertained. Our karma pulls us back to this earth to learn our lessons, and our aspiration toward God is the true work to be done. The “lighter” the spiritual seeker becomes, the more the pull of karma back to this plane becomes ever more unbearable, the yearning ever stronger!

How do we navigate it all? Well, we have a whole retreat day coming up dedicated to this! Come explore with us what karma is all about and how it applies to your life. Learn new tools AND enjoy the power of satsang with others to renew and reinspire. Bramachari Sagar will join us at the end of this month to facilitate a wonderful retreat day. There is an early discount for those that register by March 15th. It is an investment that can really shift energy in a positive direction and help us all expand beyond the contractive nature of our karma.

Together in the Light,
Ananda in Texas