Level Four (Kriya Preparation)

Kriya prep is the final class prerequisite before Kriya initiation.  In this two week course, we will review and practice Hong Sa and Aum and learn several preparatory techniques for the Kriya. Contact our Spiritual Director, Supriya Chadwick for registration and more information on this final course. [email protected]

Next Kriya Preparation class series:

Aug 14 & Sept 11
2:00 – 3:30pm
cost: $20

These 2 classes are required for new initiates taking initiation in October 2021.

Everyone already initiated into Kriya Yoga via Ananda is welcomed to attend these 2 Kriya Prep classes at no cost as a way to re-energize your kriya practice.

During this 2 class series, we will:

~ Review pre-Kriya techniques

~ Prepare the body and the mind for the Kriya technique

~ Have time for questions

~ Be together in satsang and be encouraged to awaken the Joy of Kriya Yoga

Once these levels have been completed, qualified students are welcome to take part in our annual Ananda in Texas  Kriya Initiation.