The sun has come out again and with it a welcome respite allowing nature to recover a bit and be renewed before the dreaded Texas heat takes a firm grasp. Typically we pine for rain here this time of year especially, but a feeling of ambivalence grew when day after day came sheets of rain with strong winds, angry skies and grounds so saturated that even mighty trees toppled!
More and more it seems this world reflects the duality of our collective consciousness which roils from one extreme to another. Everywhere in the world around us, if we just focus outwardly, the ups and downs of life seem to be more unstable and prevalent.

As yogis it’s important to reframe our lives to nurture a positive attitude, to cultivate inner calmness and live less in the outer dualities. It takes awareness and discipline to greet each day with an attitude of gratitude, taking time for our meditation practices, feeding our souls with the inspiration that leads us toward a more expansive, inclusive and hopeful world.

When we feel the contractive, fearful voices entering our consciousness, remember the acronym for fear: false evidence appearing real! Counter with loving thoughts, replace them with the remembrance of all the good there truly is. Anchor yourself to the truth that the happiness we are all seeking will never be found at the expense of others’ happiness or even in the outer world.
These are the disciplines that will give rise to the blossoming flowers of hope. Coming together in satsang helps keep us strong in this remembrance too. We hope you will join us whenever you can to renew yourself, to find solace, and nurture those flowers of inner joy .

In gratitude for life’s blessings,

Ananda in Texas