In Darshan Lotichius’s book, Awakening the Natural Love of the Heart, based on the Holy Science by the great yogi master, Sri Yukteswar, he enumerates the eight “meannesses” or impediments of the heart.  They are as follows: hatred, shame, fear, grief, condemnation, race prejudice, pride of family and smugness. These impediments occur often in the subconscious mind and are deeply ingrained. Darshan proposes a type of “spiritual psychology” to help us remove these blockages that constrain the heart from becoming a pure channel of love and light. It is a spiritual discipline which includes meditation and introspection that must be employed.
Yogananda said that every being is seeking the same thing: happiness. It’s just that the ego is confused on how that can be achieved. When our hearts are touched in meditation by the Universal Spirit of which we are all a part of, we begin to understand that true happiness and joy comes from within, and we naturally have the soul desire to expand that joy in sharing with others. But as we strive to take this knowing out into the world, we are confronted with our “meannesses”. It can be a source of discouragement to the spiritual aspirant.
In just a couple weeks on Sat. May 18th, Darshan will be with us here at the Sangha House in Richardson, guiding us into an ever greater freedom of the heart employing the techniques of spiritual psychology, and the power of Yogananda and Sri Yukestwar’s teachings. We hope you will join us!

Together in the heart,

Ananda in Texas